Mistakes That Will Stop Your Locks From Growing

Who doesn’t like thick and long hair? However, on a day to day basis we make so many mistakes that stop hair growth. Here are few mistakes you need to avoid if you want long locks. 

Too much of heat

Using hair tools such as iron and hair dryer on a daily basis is extremely bad. The heat will develop split ends and also takes away the natural colour of your locks. You need to try your best to minimize the use of such tools. When you have a shower, allow your locks to dry naturally, if you don’t like to leave the house with wet mane then make sure you have shower earlier. If you have to use iron then make sure that you apply heat protector all over before doing so, and one shouldn’t use iron on wet hair. This is because follicles are very weak when your locks are wet and can easily break. Also some women  tape hair extensions Melbourne this is also bad because again your locks goes through a lot of heat process which will reduce the volume eventually.

Doing treatments yourself

Going to salons is indeed expensive and not everyone can afford it. However, this doesn’t mean that you can do treatments such as permanent hair straightening or tinting by yourself. This is because if you heat your mane too much or use too much of the colouring cream then it might have a long term damage. Some women are extremely careful when doing such treatments in fact celebrities would go to places like right hair salon Melbourne to ensure that their locks are in safe hands. Also you should avoid cutting bangs by yourself. This is because it requires skill and practice and if you do it wrong you might experience a lot of hair fall.

Getting the basics wrong

Not many women realize this but your hair wash routine has a huge impact on how your locks look. You shouldn’t wash your hair daily because too much of shampoo can make your locks look dull and take out its natural shine. Similarly, you shouldn’t apply conditioner on the entire head, instead you should apply on the ends of your locks. People with oily scalp have this misconception that they need to wash their locks every day. This is wrong, you should shower every other day and if your scalp gets oily in between then you could use dry shampoo. Apart from this you should not comb while your locks are still wet. This is because it can easily break, so use only wide tooth comb and leave your hair to dry naturally. So make sure you avoid the above mistakes if you want long and shiny locks.