Useful Tips for Clip – In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the best and easiest ways to get gorgeous and lustrous hair instantly. It is a boon for those who do not have naturally thick or long hair. While there are other ways to attain similar results, there is none that is as safe, convenient and harmless as micro beaded weft extension in Melbourne. Other hair procedures such as perming and curling do a lot of damage to the natural hair follicle with the excessive use of heat and chemicals that comes with these hair treatments. Such problems are negated when one opts for natural hair extensions.

images (3)However, like all other hair procedures and treatments, using clip – in hair extension, too, requires a bit of care to have them last longer. Here are few tips and tricks to help you with the same:

Don’t Scrimp on Shampoo

Do not, just do not, try to budget on the shampoo you are using. A normal, regular shampoo is designed only for normal. Hair extensions, especially clip – in hair extensions, need extra care. Just the regular won’t work with them. Opt for a better quality shampoo. It would take care of the human hair extensions in Elsternwick, click here for more info. Another important factor to take care is that the shampoo should not any liquor component, as it would eat away into the extensions. Also, be sure to rinse you hair completely and properly. Any chemical left in the hair for longer durations is sure to harm the quality of it.

Seek Professional Help

All sorts of hair extensions require regular tightening and re-securing. Same applies to clip – in hair extensions too. Let your stylist do that for you, especially if you have opted for the more complicated variety. Check once with your stylist. Many stylists include tightening and re-securing services in the package they offer.

Exercise Caution while Combing

One has to be extremely cautious while combing their hair with the hair extensions in place. If you jerk or comb your hair in a pulling manner, then the roots of the extensions will no longer be secure. They would come out ahead of the stipulated time. Also, regular rough handling may damage clip in hair extensions. While combing, smooth out the roots first and then hold your hair with hand in a shielding manner, so that the movement of roots of hair extensions is minimized as much as possible.

Reduce Blow Drying

One has to be extra careful with hair extensions. Any kind of temperature extreme is not good for them. This applies to both washing and drying of hair. Try to use water as close to room temperature as possible, as too hot or too cold water is good neither for the scalp nor the extensions. Also, while drying, do not opt immediately for blow drying. Wet hair, especially hair extensions, is highly brittle and the high heat of the dryer might break it. It is prudent to let the hair dry a bit on its own and use the dryer only when it is slightly damp.