Why To Choose Graft-A-Lash For Your Eyelash Extension?

Graft-A-Lash is the first application of eyelash extension in Australia and New Zealand. It provides you the best eyelash extension kit as well as the experienced professionals for you to apply them on your eyelids. This particular product provides with all the necessities required by you to apply the extensions. Graft-A-Lash aims to render the desired look of the clients. They give you the best of what you want, whether it is a natural look or a glamorous one. Take a look at this site to give you the details about eyelash extensions.

What are the features of the extensions of graft-a-lash?

The graft-a-lash extensions have the following features which encourage the people to apply them without any doubt.

  • The extensions are very light in weight so that you do not feel any pressure or you are not uncomfortable with them.
  • They are made up of silk fiber, this gives an appealing and shiny look to your eyelids and your eyes look more beautiful.
  • They are long lasting just like our natural eyelashes.
  • They are available in multiple shapes, sizes, lengths, colour and thickness, so that you can choose according to your wish.
  • They are safe from water, so that you do not have to be extra careful while bathing, swimming or washing your face.
  • They are very safe and painless to apply.

What are the safety measures one should take while applying the semi permanent eyelash extensions?

So while you are gearing up to have an eyelash extension you need to know some safety parameters while applying it. Some of the safety measures are:

  • Do a well research of the type of eyelash extensions good for your face and eyes.
  • Opt for the best salon that has good professionals who can apply the extensions with safety.
  • Check out the adhesive used to fix the extensions. The adhesive should be non-formaldehyde.
  • After you have applied those extensions avoid wetting your eyes for 24 to 48 hours, because if your extension gets wet during this period it will clump your extensions and they would look like over application of mascara.
  • Keep away from any pull, excessive brushing or rubbing of your extensions. It will damage your extension as well as may cause harm to your eyelids.
  • Avoid your extensions from heavy creams, make-ups and moisturizers. This is because your extensions may get pulled due to heavy weight as a result they may fall off.
  • Comb your eyelash extensions gently after you take a shower. Expose your wet extensions to cool air and comb it gently. It will get detangled and give a fuller look to your eyes.
  • Take a good care of your eyelash extensions to have it last long.

Conclusion: the graft-a-lash offers you the best quality eyelash extensions, along with experienced professional so that you get the best and desired look.